'Honor' Killings

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recently in Texas, two beautiful girls were murdered by their father, because apparently, he did not agree with their desire to be normal teenage girls in America.

It is a sad state of affairs that a man can come to America, and still hold on to those archaic and barbaric thoughts, and then carry them out. It is anathema to Western thought that your daughters' 'disgrace' or 'dishonor' to the family equates with killing them. Why did you come to America in the first place? Did you not even think that your own offspring would relate more to America then your country of origin?

Unlike in your own country, you coward, girls and women in America have rights, they ARE NOT second class citizens, nor property, nor chattel, of their fathers, uncles, or brothers. They are allowed to be FREE, as this is a God given right in America.

This is NOT 'Honor'...it is premeditated murder, plain and simple. You have no concept of the word honor.

Are you so afraid of losing control, of not being a 'man', that you would murder your own daughters? Apparently so.

I am fed up with this crap...I hope you rot in HELL, you rat bastard.


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