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Sunday, March 9, 2008

I have posted many times about the abuse of women and girls in the Islamic Culture, so this article by Joshua Holland, posted at the Daily Kos is particularly obnoxious and odious, to say the least.

In essence, Mr. Holland's article infers that there is no 'hard evidence' that Islamic women are treated badly under Islam, but rather such conditions are the result of economic conditions.

Apparently, Mr. Holland needs to do a little research before making such asinine statements.

The following video is extremely graphic in nature, and should not be viewed by children.

More on this later...

So, Mr. Holland, care to explain to Amina and her sister, Sarah, how Islam did not abuse them? Care to explain how Islam did not cause them to live in fear? Care to explain to them how Islam did NOT cause their deaths?

Tell Amina, Sarah, and Aqsa:

Mr. Holland, you are an ignorant, foolish individual, who uses an anecdotal and questionable hypothesis to support your twisted and vile view. Your arguments, such as they are, are without any hard evidence to support them, while the vast empirical and hard data, i.e., evidence, are in direct opposition of your opinion, and as such, leave your arguments monumentally flawed and without any redeeming social value.


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