Why I am supporting John McCain.

Monday, March 3, 2008

As a former Fred! supporter, I think I should make my intentions and thoughts known.

Many conservative bloggers and dear friends I know have expressed reservations about supporting or voting for Sen. McCain as the GOP nominee for President, some to the point of stating unequivocally that they will NOT vote for him in the primaries, no matter what. That, I feel, is a misguided move. Permit me to explain my position.

Sen. McCain will be the GOP nominee. Gov. Huckabee hasn't a 'snowballs chance in hell' of securing the nomination, so that leaves us a choice...stay at home and sulk, or vote for Sen. McCain, in order to stop the encroaching socialistic, nanny state, big government, tax and spend policies of Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama. These two ultra liberals are salivating at the prospect of having the federal treasury as their own personal checking accounts, depositing IOUs for their spending programs that neither you or I, or our families, can ever repay. Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama are worse than an 'ARM'...they are promising every little governmental goodie to every body, but neglect to inform the buyer of when the bill is due, and the amount. Sound familiar?

Sen. McCain was not my foremost Number One candidate in this race, but he is now. All I needed to do was to listen to those folks supporting Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama to convince me otherwise. Those dolts and dullards are more concerned about what a presidential candidate can do for 'them', versus what a presidential candidate can do for the country. America must never become what those on the left desire, a cradle to grave nanny state, styled on a oft-failed European model, a self emasculated country afraid of our God given greatness, a country that would give greater emphasis to appeasing our enemies and third world tin-pot dictators then to prop up countries that desire true freedom, democracy, and the self determination of their citizens. Sen. McCain, in my opinion, puts those on the left to shame.

I have had many disagreements with Sen. McCain in regards to securing the border and the proposed granting of amnesty for illegal aliens, and as a supporter, I will continue to hold his feet to the fire regarding this important issue, as should us all. We now hold a power to hold politicians accountable not available to our Moms and Dads, namely the innertubes, and the quick dissemination of that information, and the ability to, with the click of a mouse, inform our politicos of our opposition or favorable opinion of legislation.

Sen. McCain's unwavering support of our troops, a pledged commitment to not raising taxes, and a commitment to fighting radical islamofascism goes far in my book, versus the appeasement policies of the left and their milquetoast appeasement policies and pathetic pleadings to the UN.

In closing, I am supporting John McCain for the Presidency of the United States, because in my heart, it is the best vote, at this time and era, I can do to protect my Country. Some may agree with my position, many will not, but I ask...who would you rather have at the switch?

I know who I would rather have.


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