A Friend of Mine...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

is a liberal, and by liberal, I mean flaming, died in the wool, voting for Obama, liberal.

Now, truth be told, her and I are actually good friends, but we stay away from discussions about politics. But, the other day, I could not keep silent about one of her recent diatribes.

My friend you see, is the epitome of liberal victim hood. Any slight, perceived offensive word or phrase, whether against her or some group she associates with is grounds in her eyes for taking it to either court or filing paperwork against what ever the entity or person who uttered it. It is readily apparent that she views the world and society as oppressive, and that the only redress she has is to file some asinine grievance.

I digress...the other day, said friend was over at the homestead, ranting and raving about some other 'offense of the day', and I just looked at her and simply stated:

"Do you enjoy being a perpetual victim? Because if you do, you will lead a most miserable life, and I for one would not want that type of life.'

She remained silent during the conversation.


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