My Case For John McCain

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The time has come my friends, to put aside our misgivings, and rally to support the GOP Nominee for President of the United States, Sen. John McCain.

The stakes are high this November, and after listening to Hildebeast and Barry, we must rally 'round the Flag folks, and stop this onslaught towards socialism, which is exactly what the democrats desire for this Country. You name the intrusive government program, and the support it. You name the tax increase, and they favor it. You name the corporation they want to fiscally emasculate, and they favor it.

The time has come to relegate these two leftist libtards back to the Senate, where they can do much less harm to our Country, because let's be honest, neither Hildebeast nor Barry have much of a legislative record in the Senate.

We must be steadfast and clear about our opposition to liberalism, and express our opposition to any legislation that infringes on our rights as a free people. We have seen since the 1960s what liberalism has done to greatly damage our society, our culture, and our country, and we should not tolerate it one iota.


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