Environmentalism vs. Conservation

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am of the firm conviction that the modern day environmentalism is nothing about the environment, but of an overall reshaping of our world by extremists that care nothing about the environment, but are only concerned about propagating their view of how the rest of us 'must' live, in order to save the 'environment.'

We hear it every day, on the television, on the radio, we even see it in print...'GO GREEN!' Well, I for one am sick and oh so very tired about hearing it.

I can well remember back in the 1970s, seeing the commercials on TV about littering...

so, I took heed, as an exuberant youth and became a conservationist, and have been ever since, but what I have NOT become is an environmental whacko, and there is a difference.

I believe that Man was created by God to hold dominion over the earth and it's creatures, and to hold good stewardship over the same, but I do not believe that as Man, we are creating this mythical global warming. The temperatures on earth have been going up and going down since God created it. It is a natural course of events.

I dare any environmentalist to state that the quality of air and the earth was better when humans were living in huts or congested 'urban areas', and burnt anything combustible to provide heat for said huts, hunted without a thought of what species they may annihilate, and did so without abandon.

I am still amazed that the environmental whackos continually blame the evil Republicans and Conservatives as being the destroyers of the environment, but I would advise them to read up a little bit about this President:


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