The Face Of A Racist...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That is, according to Richard 'Grievance Monger' Warman, the man known throughout the blogosphere for filing the most asinine complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). A quick run down of her case. Good girl meets bad boyfriend. Good girl likes bad boyfriend, so good girl follows along with bad boyfriend's stupid ideology. Good Girl leaves bad boyfriend, but that doesn't stop Richard 'Grievance Monger' Warman from hauling her before the CHRC, because as you see boys and girls, she is the face of the real threat to Canadian Society!

Good Girl recants, sends the CHRC a letter, confessing her sins to the CHRC, her 'charges' were dropped. But of course, for Richard 'Grievance Monger' Warman, that isn't good enough...see...he takes it one step further, and publishes Good Girl's letter on a Neo-Nazi website, thus endangering her safety, but hey, it's ok to do that, because Richard 'Grievance Monger' Warman is the Grand Inquisitor for the 'perpetually offended' folks in Canada, which includes himself.

He is a disgraceful and disgusting example of a government allowing a citizen to file frivolous and unsubstantiated charges against fellow citizens, which requires them to hire their own legal counsel at their own expense, because you see, Richard 'Grievance Monger' Warman's legal counsel is paid for by the taxpayers of Canada.

So, Richard 'Grievance Monger' Warman can yell "J'Accuse!", and that's all it takes for the CHRC bureaucrats to spring into action and hold court reminiscent of Roland Freisler, wherein the accused is guilty while attempting to prove their innocence.

And a Good Girl is crucified upon the alter of political correctness.


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