On The Road...

Friday, May 16, 2008

So, here I am...still on the road for business. Six days of hotel rooms, six days of being bored, six days of drinking ice cold beer, and six days of eating crappy food. Well, one out of four can't be bad (I'll leave that to you, my friends, to figure out).

I cannot wait to get back to the homestead, not so much for the work that will need to be completed, but for the simple fact of being at home, in my own bed, in my own surroundings, and not living out of a suitcase...and interacting with my 4 boys (2 cats, 2 bull finches).

Although I really do like my career, this traveling does indeed get old. As many of my readers know, I spent my years from age 18 to 29 in the military, and as such, I traveled greatly during that period of my life, and that being said, traveling does not possess the allure it once did when I was a young upstart.

I am perhaps realizing something I longed feared...I am, indeed, becoming set in my ways.


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