My Belief In Conservatism, Part 3

Monday, June 2, 2008

My belief in conservatism, was first, and foremost, brought on by my second Commander In Chief, President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

What President Reagan brought was a belief that the best of America was not behind us, but before us. His belief that the common folks were better at managing our lives versus the government managing that for us was a breath of fresh air. President Reagan was unabashedly anti-communist, as am I, and believed that communism and socialism was contrary to the true spirit of America, which I wholeheartedly agree.

As a conservative and a Reaganite, I cringe at merely the thought of any industry being nationalized, for I am a proponent of the letting the market decide, not the government, for once you allow the government to nationalize one industry, whether it be the oil companies, health care companies, or the like, it reduces the market place to kowtowing to some idiotic bureaucratic wim, and in order to comply with said wim, ultimately costs the consumer. Is there room in the market place for regulations? Absolutely, but what I am writing about is the state take over of companies, such as what is going on in Venezuela. Such policies only lead to economic ruination for the industries involved, but more over, the economic devastation of the owner and the consumer.

As a conservative, I believe in free trade and free markets, but with one deficits, especially with any nation that is communist or totalitarian in nature. To me, free trade is exactly trade. I exchange a good or service with you, I expect an equal trade in return...quid pro quo. I detest the trade deficit with China, simply because many of the products they produce are of shoddy quality and, in some instances, down right dangerous to the American consumer. As a conservative, I would call for a complete embargo of any more Chinese goods if another recall occurs because of shoddy/dangerous manufacturing, and inform the Chinese government that the embargo will continue until standards are raised. Period. End of statement.

As a conservative, I believe that government places an unnecessary intrusion on the average American citizen. For example, the other day I was purchasing a propane tank for my grill, and right on the canister was a warning that the 'State of California..." blah...blah...blah. Living in Nebraska, I care not what California deems is necessary to warn me is absurd! Another example is buying a can of dry roasted peanuts. Now, any one with one iota of common sense knows that a can of peanuts contains...PEANUTS! but yet, because of trial lawyers and idiotic do-gooders in the government, I am advised that this product contains nuts...well, duh!

To be continued...


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