DNC Honors Ted Kennedy...

Monday, August 25, 2008

As much as I wish the man no ill will while he is battling cancer, the video tribute by the DNC is nauseating. Ted Kennedy is not the champion of the 'working class' or the 'little guy.' Ted Kennedy is the patriarch of a political dynasty on the decline.

Ted is now speeking...the tired mantra that health care is a 'right' and not a privilege, how the Obamessiah will end the politics of gender/race/sexual orientation, and will end the current wars.

He now invokes his brother's mantra of the torch being passed to a new generation.

He is off the stage now. Short speech.

Analysis: Same type of Sen. Kennedy speech we have all heard before. Nothing new, nothing exciting.

And Mary Jo Kopechne is still not available for comment.


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