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Friday, August 22, 2008

I am continually astounded by those that people that feel they need a political personal Jesus in their lives.

We all have seen this phenomenon before during the previous century with the deification of an individual, and we thought it could not, would not, should not happen again...well it is happening again, with the collusion of the media.

Perhaps it is me, but I cannot comprehend why some people feel that the only individual in their life who can make changes are the ones they are most disconnected from. Can one person affect change in another person's life...absolutely...but it is most likely via a 'one on one' encounter.

The hyperbole spewed forth during this election cycle by the left is maddening and saddening; maddening for the fact that what they propose as change for America is ever expanding government mandated entitlement programs that will result in higher taxes, which in turn means less of your money (and mine) in our pockets...but never fear, it's for 'the children!'

It is saddening because so many people fall for this...but instead of looking inside themselves to see the real reasons of their failings, they look for a political 'Personal Jesus' who will make everything just fine.

This video says it succintly.

Video courtesy of these fine folks.


Melissa August 23, 2008 at 7:46 PM  

That was just downright creepy!

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