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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

any more unbiased in her article?

Ms. Salama is one of many journalists and opinion piece writers that are nothing more than Palestinian apologists. Ms. Salama makes no qualms of which side she chooses, and with that I hold no argument with her. If she decides to align herself with the Palestinians, so be it. Where I do take exception to her article is her lack of looking at the matter in an objective and unbiased manner. No where in her article is any mention of the fact that Hamas started this conflict (once again) with firing rockets into Israel. No where does she make mention of the Arab States' continual and unrelenting antagonism towards Israel. No where does she make mention the Arab States' financing of Hezbollah and Hamas. No where does she make mention the Arab States' pimping of their brethren, the Palestinians, as pawns in their geopolitical game of strangling Israel. No where does she make mention of the fact that some Arab States have called for 'suicide bombers' (actually 'Homicide Bomber'is more apropos) to attack Israel. No where does she make mention that one particular Arab State holds the view that Israel is a "...stinking corpse..." and a "...dead rat...", and has stated as such.

As I stated above, I have no argument with Ms. Salama in regards to which side she chooses to take in this current conflict, provided she furnishes both sides. What I do find patently objectionable is her lack of balance, her unabashed bias, and utilization of selected facts while omitting others in her article to back up her hypothesis.

For being intellectually dishonest in her article, Ms. Salama deserves the coveted "GerbilDroppings Retard Of The Week."


LindaSoG January 1, 2009 at 5:36 PM  

Yep, she's a retard all right, and a recycled retard as well. She's just spouting the same old recycled crapola you might expect from any first year college student freshly lunchroom enlightened on middle east politics. long on rhetoric, short on facts, intellectualized over-educated ignorance.

Gothguy January 1, 2009 at 6:05 PM  

Could not have said it better myself, Linda.

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