Friday, December 26, 2008

Apparently, Eli Saslow of 'The Washington Post', believes that this piece written today, is an example of a journalist being objective with their reporting, however the fawning and masturbatory glee with which he writes on the subject of his article is so far from being objective as to be objectionable. This article reminds one of a cheap, dime store romance novel, in all its' cheesiness.

This is a prime example (one of many, sadly) of how the MSM, both televised and written, has thrown all journalistic integrity and objectivity aside before, during, and after this election cycle. Instead of asking Obama hard questions, or writing about his various associations with unsavory characters, they softball it, and write pablum such as this.

It is disgraceful that so called journalists would deem it necessary to write tripe like this, but beyond that, it is an insult to the American Public. The American Public in general, and 'The Washington Post' readers in particular deserve better. Spare us, Mr. Saslow, how "...Between workouts during his Hawaii vacation this week, he was photographed looking like the paradigm of a new kind of presidential fitness, one geared less toward preventing heart attacks than winning swimsuit competitions. The sun glinted off chiseled pectorals sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week, and a body toned by regular treadmill runs and basketball games..."

It is embarrassing and nauseating.

*Hat Tip: DaMav, in comments.


Melissa December 26, 2008 at 5:58 PM  

How on earth are we going to survive four full years of this tripe?
If I read this kind of fawnoing garbage before meals, I will be guaranteed to not gain any weight!

Anonymous December 26, 2008 at 7:40 PM  

Seen the dudes legs? He has chicken legs.

Anonymous December 26, 2008 at 11:35 PM  

Jell-0 will not be chisled, notr will it be nailed to a wall.


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