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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

is Rep. Jose Serrano (Dipshit-NY) for this proposed legislation and this proposed legislation.

Interesting enough, Rep. Serrano introduced the first piece of legislative non-sense in 2003, prior to President Bush's second term, which would have served what former president well, if it had been adopted...take a guess and you win a Kewpie Doll! Now this legislative genius has reintroduced the very same bill on January 6, 2009, but my instinct tells me it would not be for the benefit of President whom would it benefit this go around? Ahem...inquiring minds want to know, Rep. Serrano.

Regarding the second piece of legislative non-sense, just read it and laugh. It is so full of lefty speak and multicultural nomenclature, it is embarrassing to even read...and to think we, the American Taxpayer, pay this retard to sponsor such rubbish.

For the above, Rep. Serrano, you have been awarded the coveted "GerbilDroppings Retard Of The Week" award, which is suitable for framing at a nominal fee, plus shipping and handling.


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