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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mr. Jonathan Martin's article appearing in, is illuminating on a couple of points, namely that Obama has appointed 'czars' to various that are normally filled by cabinet nominations, and that Obama is creating a highly powerful executive branch. These actions come as no surprise for those of us on the Right, who have been following the Obama campaign these last two years. Obama has never been shy about his adoration of a strong, centralized government, except for the Executive Branch, when on the campaign trail he would excoriate the Bush Administration for having a strong Executive Branch. By appointing people as 'czars', he can bypass the House and the Senate, because by design, presidential advisers do not need their approval, but nominating Secretaries for the various cabinet posts does. By utilizing this caveat, Obama surrounds himself with people that closely adhere to his ideology, while nominating those people that will appear more mainstream, and therefore acceptable to the House and Senate, thus their nominations are assured.

I must give Mr. Martin credit for writing about this centralization of power, and I highly recommend reading his article in it's entirety, but I would be remiss if I did not mention that although the article does cite previous administrations doing the same thing, it does not acknowledge a very important point...that for the past eight years, the left unrelentingly demonized President Bush for this very same practice.


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