Nope, No Increasing Socialism Here...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sen. 'Babs' Boxer (Dipshit-CA) is seeking to have the Obambi Administration ratify a U.N. treaty, which if ratified, would expand the rights of children in the United States far beyond the scope of what rights children here in the United States already have.

This usurpation of the sovereignty of the United States by this twit is typical of the leftist libtards. They just cannot stand individual rights, the sovereignty of Nations or the sovereignty of the individual states for that manner. They seek only centralization of power, and it matters not whether that centralized power is with Washington, D.C., or the United Nations.

This is classic leftist Nanny Statism, and it needs to be stopped, now, just like in the words of a famous American Hero:

* Video courtesy of videonomy.


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