Come One, Come All, To The Show...

Friday, March 6, 2009

that never ends! Our Master of Ceremonies under the Big Top, Mr. Brooks has written yet another article, essentially refuting his previous article, after being contacted by four members of the Obama Administration.

Yes, you read that right...four members.

So the esteemed Mr. Brooks again has an epiphany, a 'Come to Jesus' moment as we would say in the military, that was so over powering, so over whelming, that in a matter of a few days Mr. Brooks, you change your position.

So much for core values, Mr. Brooks. So much for the conviction of your positions, Mr. Brooks. So much for holding to your written words, Mr. Brooks.

Because of your literary fecklessness Mr. Brooks, we here at GerbilDroppings salute you, for you have reinforced our conviction that the media is indeed in the tank for Obama.

Hat Tip: HotAir


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