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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

our ..."G*d damn business!" , you petulant, overbearing elitist twit.

Rep. Rangel is the epitome of a career politician, having served in political office in one position or another for 48 years, as long as I have been gracing God's great earth! The problem with politicians who serve this long is that they really believe they are above the very laws and regulations they create, and in Rep. Rangel's case, skirting tax laws, and then incredulously, claiming ignorance...and this from the man who is the Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, you know, those fine, friendly, forgiving folks who write our tax codes!

As one who at one time owed taxes to the government, and didn't have the financial means to pay it off, I received no preferential treatment as your average, everyday Joe. The IRS was not forgiving, even when I offered a compromise amount. I was told because what I owed was a small amount, it was not up for compromise. So, I spent months paying onerous penalties and interest, unlike Rep. Rangel and others up on Capital Hill. Not for me, but for thee!

But I digress.

Rep. Rangel and other lifetime tenured politicians are exactly what is wrong with this great Nation. They have ceased to serve their constituents long ago, but are vigorous in their pursuit of personal power, making their living sucking off the taxpayers like a tick on a deer.

Enough is enough!


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