I am NOT a VICTIM...

Monday, April 27, 2009

let me repeat, I am NOT a victim!

As a veteran, I do not desire, nor do I seek, a 'special' classification of victim hood, as expressed by my fellow veteran, Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL). Although I can appreciate Rep. Rooney's sentiments, I do not agree with them.

As most of my fellow veterans will agree, we did not enlist to become another victim, but we enlisted for a greater purpose. Now, granted, there may be some veterans out there who would desire that the status of being a veteran should be considered a protected class, but I think they are in the extreme minority, and if they should push the issue, I would vehemently disagree with them, for the simple fact that as veterans, we encompass all races, all socioeconomic classes, and both genders.

For over 200 hundred years, as veterans, we already enjoy benefits not offered to the general public by virtue of our service to this great Nation, and that is all the recognition that we need...we do not need, dare I say, desire, to be classified other then as citizen, patriot, and veteran...I can live with those labels, hell, I cherish those, but victim, protected class, not so much, thank you.

If congress wants to honor us, do so in a meaningful way, but not with some silly label that most of us despise and find denigrating. If a veteran is assaulted or threatened because of their status as a veteran, there are plenty of laws on the books to address that, no need for more.


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