David Letterman Should Not Be Fired...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

and here are my reasons why. David Letterman made some stupid, idiotic jokes aimed at Sarah Palin and her daughter, Willow and Bristol. I agree those comments were tasteless and uncalled for, but much like the Don Imus brouhaha, being stupid, idiotic, and tasteless is not a crime, nor should it be a reason for being fired.

After the Don Imus remarks, the left was frothing at the mouth with apoplectic faux fury at what he said, and demanding he apologize to the girls involved and when he did, that still wasn't good enough for their insatiable lust for personal destruction, they then demanded he be fired, MSNBC capitulated like France, and Don Imus was gone. That was wrong, and it should not matter whether you liked Don Imus or not, and I happen to have enjoyed watching his show from time to time, he should not have been fired. I didn't hear the left demanding any apologizes from Don Imus, or demanding he be fired, when he would refer to the former Vice President, Dick Cheney, as 'pork chop butt', or when he would make jokes about residents in trailer parks. Nope, never happened.

But, back to my original premise. David Letterman should not be fired for what he said, despite the demands from some of those on the right who think he should. Firing him would be another win for political correctness, and another strike against free speech, and as conservatives, we cannot allow that to happen. If you don't like what he said, don't watch his show, it's as simple as that, but stop with saying he should be fired, because by doing so, you are no better than the left.


gregor June 16, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

I agree, however, I think Todd Palin ought to pay him a visit and teach him some manners... live, on the air.

Gothguy June 16, 2009 at 5:38 PM  

Now, that, Gregor, my friend, I can agree with!

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