Media Voyeurism

Friday, June 26, 2009

The media coverage over the death of Michael Jackson when his death was first announced was news worthy, but now it has taken the course of teenage boys staring at an attractive girl with a 'whale tail', hoping to get a glance of something more.

Granted, I see the reasons behind covering this news, but not to the over whelming degree it has eclipsed is now not news, but media voyeurism, plain and simple. Go to the vast majority of media websites, and it is wall to wall Michael Jackson coverage...from the 911 call, to the missing Doctor, to the alleged drug use and over dose, and much like the coverage of the death of Princess Diana, or the divorce of Jon and Kate...over the top...over exposed...over kill.

I guess real news items like the proposed 'Energy Bill' which would drastically change and alter the economy of America, the proposed Health Care initiative that will introduce socialized health care, congress now refusing to investigate 'ACORN', etc., are not important enough to be reported on in depth, although they should be.

But that would be expecting too much of the MSM, wouldn't it?


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