So, Convict Me Of Treason...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mr. Krugman.

The science is not complete and not up for debate, Mr. Krugman. Nor are those who remain highly skeptical about global warming are treasonous people, you elitist twit. If the debate is over and the science complete, can you please explain Mr. Krugman, why the EPA tried to bury a report which debunks much of the global warming hysteria?

You can't, and you won't, because that doesn't fit in with your agenda, and many like you who hang out on the Upper West Side cocktail circuit. And, might I ask, Mr. Krugman, how in the hell does one commit treason against the earth? Because one does not agree with your opinion? Because one does not agree with Al Gore? Because one does not agree with a massive tax increase disguised as climate protection? Because one does not agree with congress passing a bill they haven't even read? Because one does not believe that the science is complete?

I don't call that treason, Mr. Krugman, I call that being a healthy skeptic.


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