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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Libtardville. It is bad enough that we hear, day in and day out, about how great Obama is, how he will save America, how he will make other nations love us again, ad nauseum, but this Op-Ed piece by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend simply takes the cake, and as a Catholic (albeit a nominal one), I find her Op-Ed to be both an insult to the Pope in particular, and to Catholics worldwide in general.

To state that Obama has more in common with American Catholics than the Pope is so vulgar to me that mere words fail me. Granted, the more liberal arm of the American Catholic Church has had disagreements with the Pope, but the vast majority of Catholics I know would never compare this neophyte President to this Pope, or any other Pope for that matter.

This nauseating comparision of Obama to a savior, and now would be a better Pope is...well, f*ck, I have no words for this libtard idiocy.


Melissa In Texas July 12, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

Ahhh, the attempted deification of the White House Resident continues.
GG, did you not hear?
The Pope too is calling for a one world governance.
Who better to discuss that with than Teh Won?
/sarc off

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