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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yesterday the weather was great...mid 80s, virtually no humidity to speak of...a day to spend outside...no television, just the radio on with the 80s station...no politics...no news...nothing but music and working in the yard.

It was nice...so very nice.

While watering the yard, I had a little visitor come by to say hello...mere inches from my feet...a House Wren (Picture One above).

I stood there silently as the House Wren approached. I didn't make a move, as I wanted to see what he would do as he came closer and closer to where I stood. I followed him with my eyes, and I was amazed, simply and honestly amazed as he flitted onto my foot, and just stayed there for what seemed minutes, but was only a matter of seconds, turning his head up, down, left, right, and up, looking at me as I looked at him.

His visit reminded me of the other birds that visit my yard, so I decided I would post pictures* of those.

Picture Two...A Flicker...I adore this bird for its' distinct sound, its' beautiful plumage, and for the fact it is like a woodpecker, feeding off the tree trunks, but also because it is a ground feeder, looking for insects and grubs.

Picture Three
...The Baltimore Oriole...a most beautiful bird. A gregarious one he is...the one in my yard is not hesitant to take on those pesky Grackles, the ones with the yellow eyes and loud mouths. I watched him do a dive bomber on those pests, and it was fun.

Picture Four...the Yellow Finch...a stunning bird with a pleasant song. I have a male and female living around my house, and they are just beautiful to watch and listen to.

Picture Five...One of my all time favorites...the Chickadee. I think these are the most inquisitive birds that inhabit my yard and quite daring, in that I have held out my hand with bird seed in it, and they have landed on my fingers to eat.

Picture Six...the Hawk. I have one that frequents the park behind my yard. I watched him one time swoop down and nail an unsuspecting squirrel, just like you would see in a wildlife documentary. It was fascinating to watch it in real time, as the squirrel was trying to escape and the hawk preventing it from doing so.

Just one reason I like living next to a park, you get to see nature like this.

* pictures taken from the internet.


DammitWomann July 28, 2009 at 7:52 PM  

I love to watch birds also. I collect and hang bird houses in my backyard for that purpose and have a bird bath too. There is just something soothing about their sounds

Gothguy July 28, 2009 at 8:10 PM  


That is great!


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