Please, Just Grow Up...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

will you, Ron Paul supporters, and give it a rest.

I received an email from a very good friend of mine who attended the Austin Tea Party, and I will re-post it here in its entirety.

"I went to the Tea Party today here in Austin and unfortunately, the RP supporters behaved like petulant three year olds. There was a decent turn out, considering the holiday weekend and the high temps.
They were shouting down speakers, which included Senator John Cornyn, who had just given a purple heart to a soldier, inside the capitol, shrieking at Governor Rick Perry because they do not like the toll roads... whining and screaming like the libs and I found it to be absolutely disgusting!
They were very effective at dampening the excitement of the Tea Party.
They are defeating the purpose, which is to unite!
If the *cough* Paulbots continue to disrupt and behave like children, they will lose even MORE support and so will our efforts. Is it too much to ask that they comport themselves with a modicum of class and allow free speech for everyone and not just the RP loudmouths? It is NOT all about them! They were terribly disrespectful of the older folks that attended, some of them vets. I asked one guy to quit screaming in my ear as I was trying to listen to a speaker and was told to "f*ck off", which is the same response the older vet received! I was, quite frankly, appalled.
I came quite close to smacking the guy over the head with my flagpole!
Nice goin' guys, way to show some class and alienate potential supporters of our cause."

I have no reason to doubt my friend's email or her reporting on what she saw at this event, and I must concur with her assessment on how these Ron Paul supporters acted, and I will echo her sentiment...YOU ARE NOT HELPING!

Granted, I do agree with a few of Ron Paul's positions on the issues, but a disrespectful display such as what my friend reported does nothing...NOTHING to advance the cause of conservatism, but rather leaves us looking like those mind numbing Obamabots that parrot his talking points ad nauseum without a thought of their own, reinforced by hysterics, but not by facts.

There is a difference between us and those leftist 'in your face' libtards, and we should display that. Acting like a temper tantrum throwing two year old does not separate you or us from them, but being able to articulate your views in a comprehensive and intellectual manner, does.

Just something to think about.


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