Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well, well...it seems a certain exceeding left wing blogger has been 'outed' by a certain former Governor's attorney...call me heartbroken...NOT!

See, this is the very reason why, as a blogger, I will report on news items that have been verified through reliable 'known/named' sources, but will tend to stay away from 'unknown/unnamed' sources...you open yourself up for possible libelous litigation.

But back to the meme of this post...I simply cannot find sympathy for him, as a perusal of his blog indicates that he is very liberal, and bodes no good graces towards Sarah Palin. But that being said, I have no problem with a blogger expressing his or her opinion on a particular political person, for an opinion is exactly that...an opinion, however when you cross the line from posting an opinion to posting a news item, you better, as we used to say in the military, 'You better have all your sh*t in one sock.'

And, as typical with most liberals and leftists, he simply cannot comprehend what he has done, but rather places the blame on his situation on others versus taking personal responsibility and issuing either an apology or a retraction for something that has been completely debunked. Classic liberal leftism.

And another item of his anguished plea to supporters is bemoaning the fact that he has been 'outed', and thus the evil powers to be has revealed his true name versus his blogging name...well, cry me a river, pal. Your side for years has had the disgusting and disgraceful habit of threatening, and in many times doing, of 'outing' individuals you do not agree with for crass political 'gotchas'...how does it feel now? Not so good, huh? Sucks, don't it?

Welcome to our world of liberals and leftists demonizing those who hold a conservative view...and remember pal...

What comes around goes around.


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