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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From the GOP and Newt Gingrich backing a total and complete RINO, to Dingy Harry, SanFranNan, 'Teh One', et al trying to ram some bullshit health care reform, ummm...no, health insurance reform, ummm...no, public option, ummm...no, consumer option, ummm...no, that's it...that's the ticket..."competitive option", I am just sick and tired of the whole thing.

How many times must a shit sandwich be dressed up before the American public realizes it's just that...a shit sandwich? It doesn't matter whether the shit sandwich is a candidate or a piece of legislation to me it's still a shit sandwich, but yet both are trying to be shoved down our throats with a dose of Castor Oil, and we are expected to sit back and enjoy this dose of governmental medicine!

I am just tired, folks. Tired of seeing calculating politicians inside, and useful idiots outside Washington, DC, attempting with full force to have my Country turned into a bastion of socialism, and our sacred Constitution replaced with the Communist Manifesto.

I am tired of this to the point of seething rage, and while I know not to let my seething rage overcome me and I become that which I most despise, it is difficult, exceedingly difficult not to do so.

I have been trying to immerse myself in home projects to keep my mind off of this impending travesty, but even with that, I look around and ponder why Americans...AMERICANS are so hell bent on destroying this great and bountiful country, and turning it into a third world shit hole.

The onslaught from the left just never stops, never lets up, and those of us who love this Country, the principles it was founded upon, respect the Constitution, are minimized, demonized, ostracized, humiliated, and shut out because of our beliefs, but I have faith, faith in the fact the we are the true modern day patriots, inheriting said patriotism from our Founding Fathers...we are the sons and daughters of 1776, so that does give me some comfort, but even with that comfort comes the thought of when will this anti-Americanism end? When can we, those sons and daughters of 1776, have peace and tranquility in our body and soul?


raz0r October 27, 2009 at 6:27 PM  

Take heart. Among conservatives in the NY-23 race, it's Hoffman, the Democrat, then the liberal. So much for the clout Newt used to hold among conservatives.

McDonnell is leading by 15 and Christie is leading Corzine by 3.

So let the GOP blather on about whom they support. Conservatives have decided they'll vote third party.

We'll hear the usual pundits bloviate (thank you Bill O'Reilly) about us taking a scorched earth policy, or behaving like petulant children.

Whatever. If leadership refuses to listen to us, conservatives, the base of the party, then they'll watch as what they did to us happens to them. Ignored and on the outside looking in.

raz0r October 29, 2009 at 5:41 PM  

A Dkos poll shows Dede is way behind. Hoffman is one point under behind Owens (with the margin of error).


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