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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An open letter to NRC , NRCC , and Newt Gingrich, and the rest of the RINO heard in Washington, D.C.

What exactly will it take for you bumbling, fumbling, ineffectual 'leaders' to listen to us (and I mean LISTEN, not merely HEARING) the conservative base before you realize that you are throwing away a great opportunity to show the differences between those of us on the right, and those on the left?

You treat us like errant children needing a scolding by our 'betters' (you), and then in the very next breath, you ask us to support you financially for candidates you deem as worthy of our affection and vote, but yet these same candidates are not conservative but are milquetoast candidates you have blessed as ones who will bring in the moderates and independents.

Your attitude towards the conservative base is patronizing, condescending, degrading, humiliating, and damn it, insulting. I have been a member of the NRC since 1993, and I was energized by the 'Contract with America', and it gave me hope (not in a Obama way), that the GOP would get back to Reagan/Thatcher conservatism, and it did, for awhile.

Then along came the entrenchment of the GOP in Washington, and guess what, you cretins blew it by acting like the democrats! Way to go, GOP! We did not lose the previous elections for you, you LOST it for us by giving the electorate no new ideas, spending like democrats, and backing pathetic, what the hell did you expect?

The vast majority of us conservatives did not vote for Sen. McCain, but rather we cast our vote for Gov. Palin, for we saw her as the embodiment of conservatism, and quite frankly, who the hell else were we supposed to vote for...Obama??

And regarding bi-partisanship...ask any conservative what that means, and they will inform you in a vociferous manner that it means doing what the democrats want! Honestly, when was the last time a democrat approached you with a claim of bi-partisanship that wasn't a veiled attempt to get you to sign on to a bill, without granting you what you desired, only to see it fail in committee?

That's what I thought.

So, here we are, at a you buck up, and adhere to conservatism like we have, or do you fold like a cheap suitcase?

Will it be business as usual and placate the democrats for a few scraps, or will you finally, FINALLY grow a set and say enough is enough?

Ball is in your court...


raz0r October 21, 2009 at 7:33 AM  

They are never going to change. It will always be Democrat Lite with them.

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