Thursday, January 31, 2008

I keep hearing from Sen. Obama about how he is the force for change, that he is all about change, that he is about hope, and that he wants to bring hope and change to Washington, DC.

Well, all fine and good, Sen. Obama. I can agree with you on that Sen. Obama, that Washington, DC., desperately needs change.

But, Sen. Obama, what are your specific plans about changing Washington, DC. beyond your smooth talking rhetoric?

It is easy to influence young voters with cute slogans, catch phrases, etc., that appeal to those that are not politically savvy enough to grasp actual positions on economics, foreign policy, SCOTUS* appointments, taxes (see economics), the war against Islamic Radicalism, border security, and the like.

If I was an 'empty suit' candidate like you, I must admit, I would run the same campaign like you have. It is so simple to offer people empty slogans and platitudes, provided said platitudes are laced with 'hope','change', tax relief for the poor, key words that you are offering up to the ignorant voting populace with the attention span of a Gold Fish. You and I both know that in reality your slogans, platitudes, and rhetoric have no meaning what so ever.

You are selling the American public a bill of goods that was sold to us in the 1960s, and we are still paying for those repairs...just ask Ted Kennedy.

Your views are not new, Sen. Obama, your views are old school liberalism, repackaged with bright shiny ribbons and bows.

Thanks, but no thanks.

*Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).


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