Friday, February 1, 2008

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Well folks, here we go again. Some Nanny State* dolts in Mississippi feel it is necessary to enact a law to mandate who restaurants may or may not serve, if that person is 'obese' as deemed by the government.

Well, thank you very much, may I have another? My freedoms haven't been trodden upon enough this week!

This is the kind of creeping socialism that will destroy the Country, placed under the guise of 'public health', 'governmental responsibility', 'social good', etc. Matters not how the government words this nefarious legislation, it is a direct assault on another freedom granted by God under the Constitution.

The government, local, state, or federal, have no right to impose such draconian measures against their populace or private businesses. This also goes with banning smoking in private establishments. That should be solely the decision of the business owner, not some twit in government.

I pray that this idiotic measure dies a quick death. To enact it would be another nail in the coffin of freedom, and the right of the individual citizen to be left alone by the government.

*Nanny State: Also known as 'Cradle to Grave' government, wherein the government provides everything to every citizen, regardless of their means. See communism and socialism, babysitting, whiners, thumb sucking liberalism, redistribution of one's wealth.


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