First Annual GerbilDroppings Retard Of The Month Award

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am pleased to announce the contest for the GerbilDroppings Retard of the Month.

The rules for this award are simple, and surprisingly uncomplicated. Each month I will review news sources, blogs, TV, etc., and decide who will be the GerbilDroppings Retard of the Month, and each month, I will present this prestigious award. Input from GerbilDroppings members are always welcome!

So that being said, I am honored to present to you, the First Annual GerbilDroppings Retard of the Month...(drum roll, please)...

Mayor Tom Bates, of Berkeley, California.

Mayor Bates,

Because of your unwavering support for 'Code Pink', adherence to moonbat claptrap, wearing a pink beret that would embarrass any man with a set of balls, and your absolutely putrid 'apology' NON-APOLOGY to the Troops, it brings me great pleasure in awarding you the coveted "GerbilDroppings Retard Of The Month Award."


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