Solidarity With Denmark

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It was a mere two years ago that Danish newspapers 'dared' to publish cartoons ridiculing the notion that Islam is the 'Religion of Peace.' Because of this, Muslims worldwide demonstrated in rage, burning, rioting, demanding that those who 'mock' or 'insult' Islam be put to death!

This week, five jihadists were arrested for plotting to kill one of the cartoonists, and with those arrests, numerous Danish newspapers have decided to republish those cartoons, and I agree with their decision 100 percent.

This is not an issue of insulting or mocking a particular religion, but rather it is an exercise in Freedom of Speech, a universal freedom that people have died for, but one that some people in the Islamic world fear...a fear so over whelming and anathema to them, that they will kill or threaten to kill, those that exercise this right. It is easy to follow Immans spewing forth filth about death to infidels who insult Mohamed, because that just takes blind adherence to an ideology that advocates a desire to suppress the human spirit.

It takes greater courage to ask...why?



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