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Monday, February 4, 2008

A young, beautiful, vibrant young woman was killed. 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez was strangled to death by her father, aged 57, in early December, 2007. Apparently, according to reports, she "...wanted to dress normally..." so she refused to wear a hijab and other traditional Islamic clothes, and when forced to, would take it off before entering school.

So, because her father was upset about her 'dishonoring' the family, he killed her. I could write on and on about the reasons stated for her killing, but why? It would serve no purpose, other than to further illustrate the fact that islam is incompatible with the West, and must be dealt with accordingly, as we all know.

Aqsa's father is just another islamic murderer in the long line of islamic murderers killing their daughters over some perceived idiotic ideology of 'honor.'

May he ROT in Hell!


"- Rajinder Singh Atwal stabbed his 17-year-old daughter, Amandeep, 17 times after he discovered she was dating a boy he disapproved of. Atwal was convicted of second-degree murder in British Columbia in March, 2005. He automatically received a life sentence of 25 years in prison.

-A devout Muslim's strict religious beliefs drove him to murder his favourite daughter when he found her "secret" boyfriend in her bedroom, a jury in the U.K. heard in February, 2002, the Manchester Evening News reported. Faqir Mohammed, a father of 10 children, stabbed the 24-year-old student in the head after finding the man when he came home unexpectedly. His original target was the boyfriend, student Bilal Amin, but he escaped by jumping from the bedroom window. The father chased him, but when his daughter tried to stop him, he took hold of her and stabbed her repeatedly, reports stated. "According to the law it was not right, but according to religion it was right," he told detectives.

-Hina Saleem, 21, was found buried in the backyard of her family's home in Italy. Four men, including her father and uncle, were accused of premeditated murder and hiding the body, lawyer Carlo Bonardi was quoted as saying in an Associated Press story in August, 2006.

Ms. Saleem's mother, Bushra Begun Saleem, told AP her daughter was disobedient -- often out late without saying where she was or when she was coming home. She also said she did not forgive her husband for his alleged participation in the killing.

-A Kurdish immigrant in Sweden, who killed his daughter because he did not like her
modern way of life, pleaded guilty to the murder in March, 2002. Rahmi Sahindal said he had not planned the killing but lost his temper when he came across his daughter, Fadime, while she was paying a secret visit to her mother and sisters in January. He gunned her down at point-blank range before their eyes. Fadime, 26, had fled the family home to escape from her father and other male relatives who did not want her to mix freely in Swedish society. Sahindal was trying to arrange a marriage for her in Turkey and threatened her when he found out she had been dating a Swedish man."

*Credits: Cases from across the globe in quotes originally published by nationalpost.com


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