Rest in Peace, Your Suffering Has Ended.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Congressman Tom Lantos died this morning from cancer, February 11, 2008. Congressman Lantos was born as Lantos Tamás Péter to a Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary, on February 1, 1928. Congressman Lantos was only 16 when the Nazis occupied Hungary during World War II, and because of his Jewish heritage, he was sent to a labor camp. During his internment at the labor camp, he escaped twice and eventually made it to a safe house run by the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. During the war, most of his family were killed by the Nazis, and because of this, Congressman Lantos joined the resistance.
After World War II, Congressman Lantos immigrated to the United States, arriving here in 1947, and elected to congress in 1980.

Although I did not agree with Congressman Lantos' views on many political issues, I respected the man as a Holocaust Survivor and a member of the Resistance Movement.

May he Rest in Peace, and I offer his family my sincere condolences at this time of their grief.


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