I Support Free Speech, Both In The United States and Canada

Monday, March 24, 2008

As a disclaimer, I DO NOT SUPPORT OR CONDONE Nazism in any way, shape, or form. So that being said, I do oppose those that will stifle free speech, as odious as it may seem, in the form of government censorship. But odious speech is not the issue here, but the intrusive Canadian Human Rights Commission (HRC).

The problem, as I see it, is that the scope and depth of the HRC is being abused solely by those that wish to silence opposing views, utilizing the government as their own personal grievance monger for 'insults', however slight or inconsequential.

The major issue I have with the HRC is that the burden of proof is placed NOT on the accuser to prove his or her case, but rather on the accused to disprove the case against them, hence the idiotic inquisition of Mark Steyn by some bureaucrat from the HRC.

This should not be tolerated, period! As a free and open society, we should not fear censorship from any governmental agency for expressing our God given right of free speech, but in the interest of political correctness, and especially now, to appease the Islamofacists, the HRC sees otherwise...they are the final (in their mind) authority in what is acceptable speech, and what isn't.

As members of a free society, both Americans and Canadians MUST reject such intrusions as vigorously and vocally as possible, for if we do not, we should bow our heads in shame, acknowledge the fact we are downtrodden and hopeless, and accept the creeping insidious influence of Sharia.

It is not a time to be reactive, but proactive.

The choice is yours.


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