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Friday, March 21, 2008

As a Veteran, I continually hear from those on the left, the statement of 'I support the troops, but I oppose the war.'

The problem with that argument is that those on the left do neither, despite their anguished cries to the contrary. The American Left has never supported the troops, and never will, for they see the military as a group of misguided,, uneducated, rural and urban youthful dolts who could not get a job in the civilian world because of their lot in life. The Left are the enlightened ones, college educated, and have an answer to every societal and geopolitical problem, because for them, if we only understood the enemy, could only alleviate their poverty, pain, and suffering, then the enemy would simply love us, and all would be good in life.

But then, reality sets in. The troops are everyday folks just like me. Some are highly educated, some with only a few years of college, some with only a High School diploma, some with a mere GED, but all with a calling the left cannot comprehend. It is a calling of Duty, Honor, Country...something the left will never comprehend.

A few videos showing the differences:

'Nuff said?


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