Ahhhh...Those Smart And Erudite Liberals!

Friday, May 9, 2008


They are so smart, cute, and tolerant! When a fellow blogger, Cassy Fiano, dared, dared I tell ya, to repost Mary Katherine Ham's media bastardization of a Obama rally, the libtards came out of the wood pile.

Did they attempt to provide a rational counterpoint to what Miss Fiano posted, explaining why they thought she was in error? NOPE!

Did they attempt to write opposing views? NOPE!

Did they attempt to post logical admonitions? NOPE!

But, what those bold, daring libtards did do, was to castigate Miss Fiano about her weight, and in terms that I haven't heard since I was in Kindergarten in 1966! But, alas, that is their 'modus operandi' in that, instead of intellectually arguing their points, they resort to childish name calling and school yard taunts, which just reinforces their lack of any ability to formulate a 'point counter point' argument.

Suffice it to say, I find them immature, as does Miss Fiano. Her retort to those comments are classic, simply classic. And I must add, Miss Fiano is far from being what the libtards are fomenting about!

* Photograph shamelessly stolen from Miss Fiano's blog.


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