Illegal Aliens are NOT Legal Immigrants!

Monday, May 5, 2008

As an American, I have become increasing irritated and angered by the open borders crowd who advocate that illegal aliens are in the same league as legal immigrants, especially when I see a picture, such as the one to the left*. I have the utmost respect for people who want to immigrate here, legally! And that is the key word, legally. If a person enters this country illegally, they are not an immigrant, they are an illegal alien, who broke the laws of the United States upon entering the country, illegally.

They should not be classified in the same manner as legal immigrants, should not be afforded the same benefits as legal immigrants
they should not be afforded the same opportunities, nor should they be coddled by local municipalities in 'Sanctuary Cities', and to do so undermines the sovereignty of the United States, and the sovereignty of the states those 'Sanctuary Cities' are in. This should be anathema to any law abiding citizen and taxpayer, that their tax dollars are being spent on services, provided by the city and the state, not to mention on the federal level, to people that should not be here in the first place. It is a great drain on the economy, both in tax dollars and in the private sector.

And we pay for it, each and every day.

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