Why The Name, 'GerbilDroppings'?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Once upon a time, I had two Gerbils that I won at a school fair, of course, that was in the days when kids were allowed to be kids, and could win critters at school, with the parents permission, before political correctness and environmental nutbags took over...but I digress... when I brought them home, I named them Daisy and Henry, and put them in an old bird cage complete with paper towels and a toilet paper tube, and a little bowel for water and another for food.

The next day, my Mom took me to the pet store, to get the proper bedding for them, a wheel, etc. Daisy and Henry lived for about 4 years or so, had a few litter of pups, and died within about a week from each other. I buried them both in the back yard beneath a mulberry tree, in an old shoe box, with an old white towel wrapped around them ( I buried each, individually, in the same fashion) and made crosses out of pop sickle sticks.

So, when trying to think up a name for my blog, I fondly remembered my gerbils, so hence the name, 'GerbilDroppings.'

Now you know:)

The video below reminds me so much of Daisy and Henry! Thanks to ebenow13 of Youtube for allowing an embed of this video...


ebenow13 September 25, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

Hey thats my video! you like my gerbils!!

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