And The Coronation Is Complete...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

by the DNC, and the fawning masses, yearning for the Obamessiah to save them, complete with the women(?) tearing up, glassied eyed.

I am watching his speech, and it is pure pablum. Nothing new here folks...combine all his speeches over the course of this nauseating campaign, and you have his acceptance speech.

Here we go again...more money for education, higher salaries for teachers, community service guarantees college.

Oh wow...guaranteed health care...punish health care insurance companies...good news kids...more FMLA...more bashing CEOs...

Pay equality...gee...didn't that shit end in the 1970s?

Provides programs to encourage personal responsibility.

Oh cool...the Obamessiah has challenged Sen. McCain to a debate...ummm...hello stated that before, but you pussied out like a bitch...weak...real weak...

Ohhh...ohhh...Barry talking tough on Osama bin Iraq...

I am getting irritated...I need another beer.

Geez...when are these morons gonna realize that President Bush is not running again...

He is good with a teleprompter, I'll admit that...

Oops...another challenge to debate McCain, but with personal attacks...hey Barry...stop being a f*cking pussy, and come out from behind the teleprompter!

Barry is now talking about throwing off the partisanship of the are still perpetuating it.

Gun ownership...more restrictions.

Gay marriage...yep, he's for it.

Abortion...for it...but wants to reduce it.

He is pathetic...just stated if you don't have a record to run on, you maligned your opponent...ummm...Barry...143 days in the Senate...

Here he goes again...this election is not about's about you...on the contrary, has always been about you...nothing more...nothing less.

Oh crap...the community organizer crap again...give it a rest...old shit, and tired.

Now, we are gonna rebuild the cities, schools, etc.

Thankfully, this shit is over with. Quite honestly, I was expecting a more powerful speech, but it was only a composite of previous speeches he has given before. As an acceptance speech, I would honestly give it a 'C', because it was noth more then a re-hash.

There were no specifics about the programs he has proposed...just generalities, but that is typical for him. He relies on the glitz, glitter, and the adoration of his acolytes...and this fireworks display just reinforces to me his snobbishment and elitism...

Pathetic that people so desperate in need of someone to lift them up and save them have chosen him as their personal 'messiah.'

He is nothing more then a media manufactured candidate.


Melissa August 28, 2008 at 10:15 PM  

GG, you are braver than I.
After he spewed about how our President sat on his hands while a city drowned, I could take no more. I believe it was about 2 minutes into his speech.
The fawning and cooing over this racist, lying bastard is truly sickening!

LLoyd August 28, 2008 at 10:24 PM  

I'm preaching to the choir here myself. Watched the whole thing and as was commented earlier today "this is the halftime show with out the football game."

Marxit/Commie mother****s they are. Using the flag, military and our country to no shame.

Doing, saying whatever is necessary to gain power once more in the Presidency, House and Senate to be the Politboro of The People. WTF is kiddin' who.

raz0r August 29, 2008 at 6:48 AM  

Couldn't stand to listen to more crap from him, so I decided to watch a football game.

I've been telling the liberals at work that they're so screwed. They picked the wrong person to go to bat for their party. Adding Plugs to the ticket did not help.

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