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Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama so far is talking way to fast, like he is trying to make every point, but doesn't come off he is reading a script. McCain comes across as uncomfortable, which is usual, since his forte is not teleprompter style debates.

Obama talks about the usual DNC talking points, nothing new with that. McCain comes across with a humorous zinger asking the moderator if he thinks McCain cannot hear Obama.

McCain talks about the economy, stating it is fundamentally sound, which it is, and talks about how the American worker is the best worker in the world. He is now talking about the 'Great Society', expansion of the government, wasteful earmarks. Vows to make it known to the American Public that he will make it known to them who are the ear-makers.

Obama says he will support not approving earmarks, but is now talking about how the rich are getting richer...class warfare crap.

McCain smacking back at Obama about his previous earmark requests. Obama interrupts, wanting to talk about healthcare, unfair corporate taxes...again goes back to the class warfare crap.

McCain talks about lowering the corporate tax, eliminating pork barrel spending.

Obama talks about his tax cuts...95% tax cuts for Americans...more corporate tax cuts...but it doesn't make sense what he is saying. Oh joy...more about health care and how the market doesn't solve everything.

McCain hammers home about comparing the records about taxes, earmarks, and spending between him and Obama.

Obama talks about, again, the evil oil companies...usual DNC talking points.

So far, Obama appears like a the smart ass playground kid trying to act big. McCain appears calm, and hammering home his points.

Obama now talks about alternative fuels, investing in education...speaks highly of China with the recent rocket launch, affordable college...

Oh shit, here goes Obama again, talking about how he opposed the war initially...hey you idiot, you WERE NOT A UNITED STATES SENATOR at the time, so your 'courageous' vote didn't matter a spit.

I would keep up with this, but I can't. Obama is getting his ass handed to him on a platter.


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