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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

also know as Country Club Conservatism.

Tony Blankley over at the Washington Times has an excellent opinion piece of Country Club Conservatism.

I have always despised "Blue Blood Republicans/Country Club Conservatives", and with good reason. As Mr. Blankley points out in his opinion piece, these self proclaimed elites of conservatism are for the most part, neither. To me, they have always displayed an attitude towards us grassroot conservatives that borders on contempt, or at the very least, patronizing. Just like the liberal elites on the left and in the media, they seem to have an innate ability to pontificate their ideas of what conservatism should be to us folks here in "Flyover Country."

The problem with their thinking is that true conservatism is not an issue of taking the lefts' programs and retool them to fit their vision on how a program should be run, but rather, looking at the lefts' programs, and surgically dissecting them. The left has a propensity towards self perpetuating governmental programs, then expanding them in duplicate and triplicate, even if these programs are contained within various agencies. True conservatives look at this over reaching and expanding government, and think how can we cut these duplicate programs in order to save the American people the additional tax burden. True conservatism believes that most programs administered by the federal government can be best administered by state and local governments.

The "inside the beltway" and "upper west side" elites sit in their Ivory Tower, and attempt to pass on their conservative diktat, without ever having an honest discourse with a conservative like me. You see, I do not buy into your mantra of going along to get along, I do not believe in bipartisanship if it means I must compromise my core beliefs to placate those on the left, for that is NOT bipartisanship, but defeat. I will stick to my God, my Bible, my Gun, and my principles until the day I die...simple as that.

You sit there in your gilded cage, and wonder why us common conservatives do not fall at your alter of supposed intellectual superiority...well, the simple truth is because we see through your lofty phrases, both written and spoken, which display a palpable disdain because we do not agree with you.

You view Gov. Palin with contempt, because she does not fit in your well established view of what a conservative should be. You view Gov. Palin as a intellectual lightweight, and have stated as much. Well, let me tell you something...Gov. Palin has energized the base to a degree that I haven't seen since Ronald Reagan. Gov. Palin does not speak down to us common conservatives for one simple reason...she really is one of us.

Sarah Palin speaks to us in simple terms, not because we are dullards or dolts, but because we don't need "Fifty Cent" words coming from a politician to express their ideas and goals. We don't need "Politically Correct" phrases from her, because that would be the ultimate that for the left. We want to hear what they are going to do, down to the brass tacks.

So forgive me, my elite conservatives, when I don't buy into what you say or write, for I have neither the inclination nor the patience to buy your bill of goods labeled as conservatism.


Gothguy October 22, 2008 at 4:29 PM  

I just deleted an article sent to me from a Barrack Hussein Obamma drone, supposedly written by someone claiming to be a Native Alaskan going off on Governor Palin. I have spent several years above the Arctic Circle where this one claimed to be living. I've spoken with hundreds of the common folk and if he could write as well the crap scribbled in his bitchin about Sarah he wouldn't be pickin' fish from nets or watching a DVD powered by a generator.

In short, they rely on the world to remain stupid and not see through their augmented incredibility. They lie first to themselves, then are so committed to the narrative they are forced to slog along, barring all balance and efforts to reconfigure their logic circuits.

From Paul

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