How Many Times...

Friday, February 6, 2009

do we need to keep hearing about this?

Granted, Americans of African descent were slaves during the early years of our Nation, that fact is not debatable, and I am not arguing that. However, what I am arguing about is this incessant politically correct need to apologize (and pay) for every wrong this country has ever committed in her 233 years of life. I see no African Nation has ponied up any reparation payments, despite their complicity in slave trading and slave holding, which continues to this day.

How many times must we, as Americans, be forced to atone and pay for the sins of our Fathers? When is enough, enough? When will we as a society stop judging our Country for the institution of slavery that ended in 1865? When will we stop apologizing for past behaviors based on today's standards of societal conduct?

Apparently not enough kowtowing and reciting 'mea culpa' ad nauseum will do for the grievance mongers.


Tom February 8, 2009 at 2:41 AM  

It makes me sick. I hate all this politically correct apologist mentality. Let the past be the past. We have a black president now so get over the fact of what happened 200+ yrs ago it wont happen least not in this country. Looks like another handout is in the making! :(

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