Enough Already!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Recently in the blogosphere, there has been a dust up with comments made by Meghan McCain, both written and on TV.

My post here at GerbilDroppings will not discuss what Miss McCain said or wrote, that has been covered enough already. What I am writing about is the rather childish and nasty comments left by others at a very popular blog in threads regarding Miss McCain. As a conservative, I can vehemently disagree with Miss McCain's positions on issues, and her desire to remake the Republican Party into a moderate political party. That is an issue of political disagreement within the party that deserves debate and discussion.

However, what I cannot abide is the personal attacks against her regarding her weight, what she eats (or shouldn't eat), etc. Those types of comments are just plain stupid and feeds directly into the left's perception that conservatives are mean spirited. That to me has no place in disagreeing with Miss McCain, please leave that to the left...they are masters at that discourse.

As conservatives, we must maintain decorum, agree to disagree, and leave personal attacks out of the argument.


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