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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

is making it's rounds on Capital Hill regarding AIG and the bonuses.

Well, color me unimpressed with their anguished cries. This problem was created by the very stooges now throwing the temper tantrums, and I can only laugh at their hypocrisy in the matter. Conservatives and conservative bloggers alike have been warning this Administration and the previous Administration about the the bailouts, the potential problems with them, the requests for more bailout monies, and the like.

But of course, our concerns and warnings went unheeded in the rush to 'save the markets' and so now we here, with the same people who at one time were saying we need to act now...we need to act now...no time to waste, now have their collective panties in a wad, demanding that the heads of those getting the bonuses, roll.

And all because the need to act was now.

Instead of letting the markets work things out, have AIG file for bankruptcy and restructuring, which would have potentially negated those retention bonus contracts, it was damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead, with these morons not even bothering to read the bill they passed and Obama signed into law.

It would be funny, actually downright comedic, except for the fact you and I are paying for it.


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