When All Else Fails...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

and your plan is failing miserably, attack your opponent!

And I am not writing about the four words Rush uttered that have sent the leftist libtards, the MSM, and the White House into apoplectic fits. I am writing about how the economy is tanking daily, unemployment and layoffs are rising at an alarming rate, spending in Washington is entirely out of control, and all the Obama Administration and his fellow travelers can do is rant and rail about what Rush said in a radio broadcast.

This is a classic 'bait and switch' tactic of the left, and should come as no surprise to anyone who even remotely follows politics. The leftist libtards know that the MSM will report this as 'news' day in and day out, thus creating a smokescreen to conceal the fact that this Administration's domestic policies are a disaster.

Nice try, but it ain't working, at least not for this blogger.

If the left and their acolytes in the MSM would report what Rush said in a truthful manner, they would know that what Rush was speaking about is that if Obama succeeds, his policies succeed, and that would be ruinous for this Country and our economy...you cannot separate the two, which is why I get exasperated with those 'Republicans' and 'conservative' pundits who write or speak that they want Obama to succeed, for the good of the Country.

What utter rubbish. I for one do not want Obama to succeed. As a matter of fact, I want him to be a complete failure, for if he fails, his policies fail, and our Country and economy would be the better for it.

And that my fellow readers is why "I hope he fails."


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