A Fair Ruling...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today the California Supreme Court (CSC) upheld the voters decision regarding Prop. 8 in California, which is good. I am tired of seeing judicial activism from the bench overturning ballot measures supported by the voters, but I fear this will not be the end of this jousting match, but just the beginning.

I see individuals filing suit under the equal protection clause, stating simply that other gay folks have been afforded legal marriages prior to the CSC decision, and hence why should they now be excluded, since the ruling did not prohibit gay marriages ex post facto, which legally, and most importantly, is Constitutionally inpermissable.

So, although it was a fair ruling, siding with the voters, it is a potentially flawed ruling...so we shall see. Although I am firmly against 'gay marriage', as I see the institution of marriage as a bond between a man and a woman, I really do not have any problem with civil unions. Some may argue that marriage and civil unions are one and the same, but I do not, and I never will.


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