So, Leftists, Tell Me Again How Much You...

Monday, May 11, 2009

support the troops.

The answer is, you don't, and never have. Oh, you talked a big game during the previous Administration about supporting the troops but not the war, but the bottom line is you loath the military, and by extension, the troops, and always will.

During the Bush Presidency, you made it quite clear how you felt about the troops and defense spending, calling them murderers, torturers, accusing them of abuse, kicking in the doors of Iraqis in the middle of the night, and all sorts of nefarious deeds, so you now have your wish.

But, might I remind you, history does indeed teach lessons, and it is a lesson you might well heed...cutting defense spending does not make the enemy go away, nor lessen the threat, as much as you would wish, but rather, it will embolden them, and mark my words, it is not a matter of if the Islamofascists will hit us again in a major way, but when.

And I will blame you.

Hat Tip: RedState

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