Dear ACLU...

Friday, August 7, 2009

My girlfriend, StardustSparkles and me are writing to you to express our collective outrage at this blatant violation of church and, um, the state. Our NEA teachers and tenured professors have explained the constitution to us...and they told us that any mention of G*d combined with our beloved state is illegal, and must be shut down and eliminated as soon as possible!

StardustSparkles and me are so offended at this! We cannot eat, we cannot sleep, we cannot shower, we cannot feed our organic garden, we cannot weave our own clothes from burlap, and honestly, we can barely feed our three kids because we cannot leave the house to cash our food stamps...this has upset us so much:(

Also, me and StardustSparkles baby daddy has threatened to leave us for his new lover if we don't get out of this funk!

Please...we need your help to stop this Bush fascism, and now! Both StardustSparkles and me graduated from Berkeley with degrees in Social Activism, so we see things that offend us that those stupid conservat...gah...I'm sorry, I can't even say that nasty word without needing to go outside and commune with Mother Earth! They just can't see the oppressed peoples and victims as we can, cuz Bush started all this.



P.S. Almost forgot, here is the offensive video StardustSparkles and me saw!

P.S.S. Please, ACLU dudes, even though it is a democrat doing this, StardustSparkles and me are convinced that she was put up to it by Bush, so please go after him and not her...she is good peeps:)


StardustSparkles and BraidedArmPitGirl


DammitWomann August 7, 2009 at 11:20 PM  

Braided Arm Pit Gurl ???

You owe me a glass of chardonnay.........I just spilled the one on my desk while laughing.

Gothguy August 8, 2009 at 4:25 PM  


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