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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I am bloggin about this evening is some stupid shit that really irritates me.

This nonsense of blending two different names into one, which we see and hear in the media all the time. Example: 'Brangelina'...'Bradgelina' for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It is stupid and intellectually lazy.

Just stop it!

And when did it become permissible for someone to call me out of the blue about goods or services, and address me by my first name? I don't know you, you don't know me, so why do you feel the need to address me in a casual, familiar manner?

Just stop it!

Also, those stupid solicitation letters you receive in the mail, with those fake 'Post-It' notes attached to said letter. Hello! I am NOT stupid, I can tell the letter was not a personal plea from you for my money for such and such cause, so why do you insult my intelligence by placing that shit on your letter?

Just stop it!

Oh, hey credit card companies...want to reduce your mailing costs and save me some money, stop shoving those asinine 'free offer' free gift' crap in my billing statement. I don't want them, don't need them, didn't ask for them.

Just stop it!

Media...before you blast off on the next food that will cause me cancer or other such activity on my part which will result in my imminent death within 24 hours, try doing a little research. I have lived through the eggs are bad, hot dogs are bad, bacon is bad, pork is bad, chicken is bad, red meat is bad, grilling with charcoal is bad, drinking soda is bad, coffee is bad, black tea is bad, Red Dye/Blue Dye/Yellow Dye is bad, spray deodorant is bad, hair spray propellant is bad, DDT is bad, asbestos tiles are bad, lead based paint is bad, lead based gasoline is bad, transfats are bad, bread is bad, setting chicken on the counter to thaw is bad, setting chicken in warm water to thaw is bad, burning leaves in my backyard is bad, dumping motor oil in one spot in my backyard is bad, cleaning off paint brushes in my laundry room sink is bad, era...


I am still alive, so leave ME ALONE! I can fend for myself.


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